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baz.ink is an Amsterdam-based development and content studio with a global network of coders and writers. We leverage this network to bring high-quality code and content to the European market at competitive prices.

Our local team includes developers, editors and project managers with decades of experience, who act as your points of contact and are responsible for delivery and quality control. Our extended team includes select talent from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, all of whom we’ve nurtured long-term relationships with.

We offer app and web development services, as well as multilingual content generation and localization services. Currently we support Arabic, Dutch, English and French, and are developing our Chinese network in hopes of supporting Mandarin by mid-2017.

We especially love working with startups, and go out of our way to help them build their ideas and stick to their budgets. We also donate all empty and cancelled time-slots to charity, so please get in touch if you need pro bono work – we’ll always make the time.

Please drop us a note here if you’d like us a quote, callback or some tea (in Amsterdam!). Thanks for stopping by!

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Translation, localization & quality control across all our supported languages.


Translation, localization & quality control across all our supported languages.

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baz.ink was founded in 2009 by four guys and gals on four different continents, each bringing with them regional expertise and a network of coders and writers. We leverage this network in order to provide top quality code and content to regions where these services have become prohibitively expensive to SME’s and startups.

In January 2016 we moved our offices to Amsterdam to better focus on the European market, where most of our clients operate.

We work primarily with SME’s and startups partly because that’s where we feel our work has the largest impact, but also because that’s where the fun comes from. We understand the difficulties in starting your own business, and how too often the bottleneck is development and IT budgets, so we’d like to help you get it done.

We also love working with charities and social non-profits, often on a pro bono basis.

Drop us a note if you have a question, or would like a quote or callback. If you live in or are passing through Amsterdam, tea is on us!